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The influence of the loss of the 10W ultraviolet laser of the laser marking machine on the whole machine

Oct 15 , 2021

The influence of the loss of the 10W ultraviolet laser of the laser marking machine on the whole machine


To put it plainly, the laser of a laser marking machine is equivalent to the core processor of a mobile phone. It is a very critical part, and it can also be said to be a soul component. Just as a person loses his soul, it is no different from dementia or a vegetative person. For the same reason, losing the laser The laser marking machine and the mobile phone without the core processor are just an empty shell, and this laser is equivalent to the life meter of the laser machine, and the loss of the laser is equivalent to the reduction in the life of the laser machine. Of course, it can also be said here. It’s a big deal to change a laser, but you have to know that the price of a single laser is not cheap, and to be fair, if the laser is replaced, then the laser marking machine is still the original laser machine? Of course we don’t talk about it. So hypocritical, as long as you know that the laser is worn out or even damaged, you will have to pay a high price to purchase it, which is very important.


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Then the following topic is derived from the laser of the laser marking machine. There are many things that determine the quality of the laser of the laser marking machine. Similarly, it is the example of mobile phones. They are different. Although they have the same functions of calling and sending text messages and surfing the Internet, whether it is the smoothness of use, the aesthetics of the interface, the feel of the mobile phone, and even the vanity of modern society, the status logo is given to people. The feelings are all different. It’s not a popular saying on the Internet, “People with iPhones don’t have pockets, and people with tattoos are shirtless”. This is a common problem of modern people. There is nothing wrong with showing off. In fact, most people, most of the people here I refer to those who complain about others' stinks, but in fact, if he also has an iPhone, he will become a person without a pocket in a short period of time. , This is human nature.

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In fact, having said so much, what I want to express is just one thing. A good laser marking machine brings users not only the advantages of good usability, durability and stability, but also a kind of social status, or a Of course, there are some people who really don’t care and disdain this kind of display. But sometimes, status is a symbol. It doesn’t depend on whether you like it or not, although many people don’t. Caring about this kind of external performance, but sometimes it is not that others look down on others, but a necessary symbol. Just like the prime minister and the prime minister’s wife attending a foreign banquet, one must be proper and stable, and the other must be elegant and graceful. , Because this represents the face of the country, maybe my ascending level is too high, but it’s not much worse. A tall laser marking machine will definitely let you get a high look in front of your peers and customers, and increase you. Face. I hope that what I have said can help you all, thank you all!

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