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Why 355nm UV laser marking machine is getting more and more attention

Oct 15 , 2021

Why 355nm UV laser marking machine is getting more and more attention


I believe everyone is no stranger to UV laser machines. UV laser marking machines have various aliases such as UV ultraviolet laser marking machines and ultraviolet laser marking machines. The laser beam is mainly used by photochemical ablation to act on the surface of the object to be coded. Permanent marking can break the intermolecular bond with laser energy, change into small molecules and evaporate. At the same time, the thermal effect of the UV laser marking machine in the working process is also negligible and can be finely processed. Marking a variety of special materials in scenarios with higher requirements.


UV laser marking machine


At the same time, with the rapid development of the entire laser industry, the power of UV laser marking machines is gradually increasing. Ultra-fine high-end markets often see UV laser marking machines, including mobile phones, medicines and various high-end lasers. Ultraviolet laser marking machines are required for marking the surface of molecular materials, and even blind hole processing and electronic components, which are widely used in many fields.


Ultraviolet laser belongs to cold processing in industry and is a typical photo-etching effect


Ultraviolet laser belongs to cold processing in industry. It is a typical photo-etching effect and has a very special meaning. Cold processing can break the chemical bonds of the medium through stronger ultraviolet photons, instead of using high temperature to operate, and it does not have any effect on the surface of the article. As a side effect, there will be no chemical reaction between the surface of the processed object and the adjacent parts, and there will be no deformation. The integrity of the processed product is very good. The edge of the processed product is very lubricated at the same time The limit of carbonization is extremely low.

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UV laser marking machine has good laser quality


Today, with the gradual development of mechanized processes, automated assembly lines have higher environmental efficiency and are gradually replacing manual labor. UV laser marking machines have very good laser quality, high peak values, and generate extremely low heat during the entire operation. It has a good protective effect and can be used in many fields. It can be used for mass production and marking operations according to the different needs of different companies. The advantages are very obvious and it is the favorite of more industrial manufacturers.


Ultraviolet laser marking machine has a more refined marking effect and is more environmentally friendly


The traditional marking machine is mainly processed by thermal energy, which has great limitations in terms of fineness. However, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is made under such an environment. The more advanced cold processing technology is selected to make the marking The surface of the standard substance will not be damaged or deformed due to excessive heat, and at the same time it can ensure the beauty of the product. At present, UV laser marking machines are more used in the market with higher requirements for precision. Compared with traditional marking machines, UV laser marking machines have more refined marking effects, stronger environmental protection, and more Can adapt to the needs of the market.

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