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UV laser marking food packaging bags to create food safety ID cards

Jun 18 , 2021

UV laser marking food packaging bags to create food safety ID cards


Food safety has always been one of the key objects of national concern. As an important part of commodities, food packaging protects food at all times. Not only is the material safety of food packaging directly related to food safety, the symbol information on food packaging is also an important and intuitive basis for consumers to judge whether food is safe. . Therefore, the safety of food packaging bags is also particularly important.


Consumers can obtain information on food sources, food ingredients, food shelf life, storage conditions, etc. through the information on the packaging bags. However, due to factors such as commodity transportation and contact, the ink marking is often prone to "easy to erase and easy to fall off"; at the same time, some criminals will erase the production date of the product that is about to expire, and then spray the new production date to continue on the market Sell. This will have a great impact on people's health, but also seriously undermine the principles of the market.

Today, laser technology can provide a good solution.

Pulsed UV solid-state laser S9 series provide solutions



RFH laser marking application video on food packaging

Why choose S9 uv laser

According to market development needs, RFH Laser launched the pulsed ultraviolet solid-state laser S9 series. Compared with the same type of products, the S9 series is smaller in size, more exquisite in design, and more stable in light output.


S9 laser marking technology can use high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate food packaging to vaporize the surface material or cause a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. It is a marking method with high marking accuracy and speed. It is fast, clearly marked and environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The entire marking information is portrayed on the product packaging, so it is difficult to tamper with and counterfeit; and a link database system can be established to allow us to track and query the latest product trends in time.

Marking the code on Food packaging film, using 3W 5W DPSS solid-state laser

Therefore, packaging bags use laser marking technology to mark the information, such as production date, food source and other information; clear, eye-catching, permanent and will not fall off, erasure will destroy the packaging; and environmentally friendly, no consumables, and can effectively suppress The lawbreakers serve as an umbrella for public food safety issues.


In addition, the S9 UV laser has more advantages. The small and exquisite design means that users do not need to make a large optical path, which can greatly reduce costs, save space, and be lightly installed in the field of flying marking equipment. The S9 ultraviolet laser is not only compact, but also has a more stable cavity structure and stronger scalability than similar products. The same cavity can generate lasers of multiple powers, and the stability of different power ranges is greatly improved.


S9 series uv laser characteristics

High precision, small size, high stability, high cost performance

"±0.02mm high precision"

The new product of the RFH pulsed ultraviolet solid-state laser S9 series has a laser wavelength of 354.7nm, a wide range of repetition frequency (single pulse to 200kHz); power range from 3.0w to 10.0w; superior beam quality (M²<1.2), in all frequency ranges Strict guarantee; pulse width <12ns@30k, heat-affected area is small during processing, ensuring ultra-high precision.


"Small size, high cost performance"

Compared with products of the same type, the S9 series are smaller in size, more stable in cavity structure, more scalable, space-saving, and lightly installed in flying marking equipment, which greatly saves user costs. It is a product with extremely high cost performance.

"High stability"

The S9 series also adopts unique Q-switching control technology, which is suitable for various laser application control needs; independent research and development of laser dedicated power control system, the whole process of dust-free workshop production, rigorous quality management system mechanism to ensure longer laser life and more stable operation.

RFH has been deeply involved in the field of industrial-grade all-solid-state lasers for 15 years, following the trend of the era of great health for the whole people, helping food companies to create "safe ID cards" and escorting food safety!

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