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Shenzhen RFH Laser "Sunshine, Happy Tour" Zengcheng Conghua Tour

Dec 26 , 2020

The summer came so urgent, and in a few days people realized how hot it was. The asphalt road on the street softens as if it is on the plasticine under the sun's roasting; the big tree on the street is like a huge parasol, bringing a little shame to the citizens under the umbrella. There is also a dazzling green light; the whole city is like a huge steamer, and the people in the city are sweating in the steamer and feel that they are ready to cook at any time.




Group photo


Compared to the heat in the city, the greenness of the suburbs seems to be waving to us. From June 29th to 30th, 2019, Shenzhen RFH Laser will enrich the cultural life of its employees and strengthen the cohesiveness of the company team. It will organize a journey of Zengcheng Conghua, which is close to nature and healthy travel. Although the summer is hot and sweaty, everyone is still actively signing up and actively participating.




Zengcheng Conghua is famous in Guangdong for its beautiful scenery, unique lychee specialty and unique “soda” hot spring. The first stop of this trip is the “Dafengmen Drifting” which can directly contact with the mountains and rivers. Unlike the steep stimulation of Qingyuan rafting, Dafengmen rafting is safer, and many sizes of water provide water for swimming. place. The water scoop and the helmet are in battle. In the face of sudden splashing of water, everyone’s first reaction is “revenge”. The most interesting thing is that there are two partners. The abandoned boat only poured a cold water on the later friends. Their driftboats have been pushed downstream by other small partners, and this is another way to make everyone laugh. All the way down, the entire valley is filled with our laughter and laughter.


After more than an hour of bumps, the vehicle was driving on the steep mountain road, and the two characters of "Tianhu" came into view, and this field battle was also carried out here. Under the coach's detailed explanation, everyone took the gun into the battlefield. Under one order, everyone launched a fierce battle. At first, the offensive side seemed to be a little incapable, and under the guidance of the coach, a brave attack began. After two rounds of fierce battles, everyone who was still in the air was triumphantly dressed in a glorious battle suit.



The night is quietly coming, and the night view and tranquility of the hot spring town bring a touch of peace to the usual heart. After dinner, everyone began to go to the hotel's hot springs to ease the physical fatigue.


After the breakfast the next day, everyone went to Liuxihe Forest Park. After taking a photo at the door, everyone took a boat on the Liuxi River and began to appreciate the great scenery of the forest park. The Guanyin in the lake is reflected in the blue sky and the blue sky, and its image becomes extra holy.



In Zengcheng, which is famous for its lychee, how can everyone let go of the delicious lychee? With full of joy, Shenzhen RFH Laser's Zengcheng Conghua Tour was successfully completed, and the colleagues who traveled this time were carefully reviewed, and they began to prepare for a new round of work. I believe that everyone will be devoted to work with more energy and higher passion!

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