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What is antigen test card laser marking machine

Jan 12 , 2023

Antigen test card laser marking

In the medical field, related products may directly or indirectly affect consumer health. Before they really use it, almost everyone is not sure how the quality is, so the appearance and packaging have become the main factor affecting consumer choices.


Even if the medical supplies are not like gifts and do not need gorgeous and luxurious packaging, the only standard required by the state


Antigen Test Card, which has recently skyrocketed, is one of them. Its raw materials are generally high -resistant polystyrene (HIPS) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC);



This material has strong impact capacity and smooth surface, but this also means that traditional paper labels and inkjet are difficult to ensure the labeling attachment.


In the face of ensuring that the mark is not dropped, it is necessary to prevent reagents from suffering from odor and chemical agent pollution. Ultraviolet laser machines bring you a satisfactory answer sheet.


Ultraviolet laser machines use 355nm wavelength cold light sources. Low -temperature labeling processing technology means that no smoke and odor will be produced during the code of coding, and ensure that the antigen test card material will not be subject to temperature corrosion and affect the overall aesthetics.


The imported high -end optical vibration mirror is used to effectively respond to the high -speed flow of the conveyor belt, and the marked lines are smooth and smooth, especially suitable for reagent card production enterprises with huge daily output.




Self -developed control software, open communication protocols can freely connect more data systems, and multi -core and high -performance chip processors make a shorter response time; high -speed and high -precision DA integrated circuits, accurate processing positioning, fast speed.


The technical control of UV laser machines enables it to achieve personalized customization for more types of users, such as visual positioning marks in response to the location of the reagent card position, and the visual detection system after the code.

While improving the targeting efficiency while reducing the adverse rate, realizing one-stop solution of "Equipment-Data Collection-Code-Detection-Excluding Never-Feedback".

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