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Is UV Printing or Laser Engraving Better for you

Jan 30 , 2023

Is UV Printing or Laser Engraving Better for you



What Is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a method of imprinting that first began being widely used in the 1970s. The process relies on computerized laser machines and laser machining applications, which tell the machines what to do.

3w 5w DPSS Pulsed Nanosecond uv Lasers marking black on plastic

laser mark black

The process is a bit complex. But essentially it involves programming a logo or design into an engraving machine. The machine follows this design to imprint the design you’ve chosen on whatever item you’ve selected for laser engraving.


Like methods of imprinting, there are some positives and negatives to using this method.

Here’s an overview of those:




Completely permanent, resistant to wear and tear

Delivers a high-end look

Not as costly as many other printing methods

Capable of engraving intricate patterns without distorting them



Adding color to the design can be complicated

Colors can begin blending together as time passes

What Is UV Printing?

UV printing is very similar to traditional printing methods. It also uses nozzles that spray tiny droplets of ink in order to imprint designs on objects. The key difference between UV printers and traditional inkjet models is that UV printers contain polymers that are sensitive to UV light.


This enables UV printers to dry the ink that they produce faster. So when you use a UV printer, 100% of the ink that it applies to the surface will remain there. This leads to significantly less ink wastage and design distortion than what’s offered by traditional inkjet printers.


Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of UV printing:




Dries ink instantly

More environmentally friendly than standard printers

Creates scratch-resistant designs with improved durability

Offers the ability to create special effects to enhance designs



Not all surfaces are a good fit for UV printers

Not a good fit for products that need to be washed regularly


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