10W-15W uv laser
  • Korean laser cutting machine
    Korean laser cutting machine customers purchase high-power green lasers
    In recent years, the demand for high-power green lasers in the Korean laser cutting machine market has been growing. These lasers have high energy density and precision, which can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Therefore, many companies have purchased high-power green lasers to meet market and customer needs.
    Korean laser cutting machine
  • green laser for jade marking
    532nm green laser used for jade marking
    532nm green laser is increasingly used in the field of jade marking, mainly due to its high energy density, high precision and high efficiency. This article will introduce the principle, advantages and application of 532nm green laser in jade marking.
    green laser for jade marking
  • laser cutting PVB laminated glass
    35W green laser cutting PVB laminated glass
    PVB laminated glass, composed of two or more glass sheets bonded together by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, offers superior strength, safety, and sound insulation properties. While traditional cutting methods have been effective, the introduction of the 35W green laser takes glass cutting precision to an entirely new level, offering unmatched intricacy and finesse.  
    laser cutting PVB laminated glass
  • green laser engraving QR code
    532nm green laser engraving QR code on PCB board
    In the intricate realm of technology, where connectivity and efficiency reign supreme, QR codes have emerged as a symbol of convenience, swiftly bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Now, with the advent of 532nm green laser engraving technology on PCB boards, these enigmatic codes are endowed with a captivating precision that elevates their functionality to unprecedented heights.  
    green laser engraving QR code
  • green laser engraving metal
    High power green laser engraving metal
    Metal engraving has long been revered as an art form, allowing for intricate designs and personalized markings that elevate the aesthetic appeal and value of various objects. With the advent of high-power green laser technology, this ancient craft has undergone a monumental transformation, ushering in a new era of precision, versatility, and unparalleled artistic expression.  
    green laser engraving metal
  • laser marking metal surfaces on watches
    Green laser for marking metal surfaces on watches
    In the realm of horology, the art of watchmaking, attention to detail is paramount. From the intricate mechanical movements to the tasteful design elements, every aspect of a timepiece is carefully crafted. When it comes to marking metal surfaces on watches, the utilization of green laser technology offers a precise and elegant solution, elevating the artistry and allure of these exquisite accessories.  
    laser marking metal surfaces on watches
  • marking PVC QR code
    10w Green Laser Module marking PVC QR code
    In an increasingly digitized world, quick response (QR) codes have become a ubiquitous symbol of convenience and connectivity. From product packaging to promotional materials, these intricate patterns of black and white square dots hold a wealth of information within their compact design. With the advent of advanced laser technology, specifically the 10W green laser module, marking QR codes on PVC surfaces reaches new levels of precision and efficiency.  
    marking PVC QR code
  •  green laser marking silicone rubber
    5w green laser marking silicone rubber
    Silicone rubber is a versatile and widely used material known for its flexibility, durability, and heat resistance. From medical devices to automotive parts, it has become an indispensable component in various industries. And now, with the advent of 5W green laser marking technology, a new era of precision and elegance has dawned upon silicone rubber product manufacturing.  
     green laser marking silicone rubber
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