10W-15W uv laser
  •  green laser marking silicone rubber
    5w green laser marking silicone rubber
    Silicone rubber is a versatile and widely used material known for its flexibility, durability, and heat resistance. From medical devices to automotive parts, it has become an indispensable component in various industries. And now, with the advent of 5W green laser marking technology, a new era of precision and elegance has dawned upon silicone rubber product manufacturing.  
     green laser marking silicone rubber
  •  Green Laser Engraving Metal
    Green Laser Engraving Metal Stainless Steel
    When it comes to personalizing and adding a touch of uniqueness to metal items, traditional engraving methods often fall short in achieving the desired outcome. However, with the advent of green laser engraving technology, the world of metal customization has witnessed a transformative shift. Now, stainless steel can be transformed into intricate works of art, showcasing impeccable precision and unmatched aesthetics.  
     Green Laser Engraving Metal
  • Green laser Paint Removal
    Green laser Paint Removal & Paint Stripping on moisturizing cup
    Green lasers open up new possibilities for peeling paint from moisturizing cups. With its unique wavelength and high energy density, the green laser makes it more efficient and accurate to peel off the paint layer on the surface of the moisturizing cup.
    Green laser Paint Removal
  • Green laser cutting PCB
    Green laser cutting PCB and FPC shapes
    In the vigorous development of contemporary technology, green lasers have become a bright star in the field of electronics. Not only because of its excellent performance, but also because it brings infinite imagination and creative inspiration to creators. The use of green lasers to cut PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) shapes has opened a new artistic journey.
    Green laser cutting PCB
  • Green laser for filter cutting
    Green laser for filter cutting
    Traditional filter cutting often relies on gear machinery or chemical etching, which is not only complicated to operate, but also vulnerable to material damage and contamination. Green lasers, however, are able to sufficiently overcome these problems and open up entirely new possibilities for filter cutting.
    Green laser for filter cutting
  • Korean laser engraving machine
    Korean laser engraving machine customer buys 5w green laser to mark PVC pipe
    Recently, an enthusiastic laser engraving machine user in South Korea chose a 5W green laser for marking PVC pipes. This novel application method provides unprecedented convenience and innovation for the manufacture and marking of PVC pipes.
    Korean laser engraving machine
  • Russian 5w green laser
    Russian customer buys 5w green laser to engrave ceramics
    Recently, the demand of Russian customers for 5w green lasers has risen rapidly. Behind this demand is their pursuit of more precise and artistic results in the field of ceramic carving.
    Russian 5w green laser
  • green laser engraving glass bottle
    5W green laser engraving glass bottle
    Traditional engraving techniques usually require a lot of time and effort, and are limited by manual skills, making it difficult to achieve precise textures and complex patterns. However, the appearance of 5W green laser has changed this situation. The high precision and controllability of laser technology makes the engraving on the surface of glass bottles more detailed, creative and personalized.
    green laser engraving glass bottle
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