10W-15W uv laser
  • laser engraving printed circuit boards
    Korean customers purchasing RFH Industrial UV nanosecond laser engraving printed circuit boards
    RFH Industrial UV nanosecond laser systems have been making waves in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. With its cutting-edge technology and precision, it's no wonder that Korean customers are starting to take notice and invest in this technology.  
    laser engraving printed circuit boards
  • uv laser marking on film
    Dutch customers buying RFH 3w 5w uv laser marking on film
    As more and more businesses turn towards laser marking for their products, the demand for high-quality UV laser marking machines has risen. One such machine that has been gaining popularity among Dutch customers is the RFH 3w 5w UV laser marking machine.  
    uv laser marking on film
  • UV Laser Engraving on White Plastic
    Diode-Pumped Solid State (DPSS) UV Laser Engraving on White Plastic
    UV laser engraving is a highly precise and efficient method for marking and decorating a variety of materials. One of the most commonly used materials for laser engraving is plastic, as it offers high durability, flexibility, and a range of color options. In particular, white plastic is often used for a variety of applications, such as signage, promotional items, and decorative products. DPSS UV lasers have become increasingly popular for white plastic engraving, due to their high energy efficiency and precision.  
    UV Laser Engraving on White Plastic
  • UV lasers marking pvc
    British customer buying pulse UV lasers marking pvc
    One of the major benefits of laser marking is that it offers a high degree of precision and accuracy. This makes it ideal for marking small, intricate designs on materials like PVC. However, not all laser types are created equal, and the British customer quickly learned that he needed a specific type of laser to achieve the results he was looking for.  
    UV lasers marking pvc
  • abs plastic laser cut
    Canadian customer buying ultraviolet laser module for abs plastic laser cut
    A Canadian customer recently purchased an ultraviolet laser module for their ABS plastic laser cutting needs. The purchase was made after extensive research and consultation with industry experts, which led the customer to settle on this particular product due to its exceptional performance and durability.  
    abs plastic laser cut
  • UV Laser printing on plastic bottles
    French customer purchasing DPSS Q-swiched UV Laser printing on plastic bottles
    In recent years, UV laser printing on plastic bottles has become increasingly popular amongst manufacturers and consumers alike due to its high-quality and durable printing results. Recently, a French customer purchased a DPSS Q-switched UV laser printer from a reputable supplier in order to improve their printing process on plastic bottles.  
    UV Laser printing on plastic bottles
  • Laser engraving phone
    355nm Pulsed UV Solid State Laser 5w engraving phone
    Mr Jonsson contacted a few companies that offered laser engraving services but found the prices to be expensive. He then decided to purchase his own laser engraver to save money in the long run. He did some research and found out that UV lasers were best suited for engraving on mobile phones due to their high precision.  
    Laser engraving phone
  • ultraviolet laser source marking ceramic
    Australian customer buy RFH ultraviolet laser source marking ceramic
    Recently, one Australian customer who is a manufacturer of ceramic products was seeking a marking solution and came across the high-power UV laser offered by a laser system provider. After extensive research and consultations with the laser experts, the customer decided to invest in this sophisticated technology.  
    ultraviolet laser source marking ceramic
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