3W,5W,10W uv laser

The UV laser series products have stable power and high integration. Small size, long life, excellent beam quality, high stability, and can be customized according to user needs.

  • Engraving mobile phone glass dial
    RFH SOLID-State Q-SWITCHED NANOSECOND UV Lasers Engraving mobile phone glass dial
    As we all know, the hardness of the gem is very large, and there are many methods in sculpture, but the traditional method of carving needs to be polished multiple times to use. RFH Solid-State Q-SWITCHED NANOSECOND UV Lasers completely avoided the flaws of traditional deep sculptures in the deep sculpture of gem dials and made a new design in many aspects.
    Engraving mobile phone glass dial
  • Solid State Q-Switched UV Laser
    RFH 5W Solid State Q-Switched UV Laser high-speed marking packaging bag date
    Compared to the traditional ink injection, RFH's solid State Q-SWITCHED UV Laser has well solved its shortcomings such as easy modification, non-environmental protection, limited anti-counterfeiting effects, and unable to use it for a long time, which fully meets the production requirements of plastic packaging bags. Solid State Q-SWITCHED UV Laser beam is superior quality. It can be run in all frequency bands, and it can be produced for 24 hours. It is no longer necessary to replace the ink cartridge on a regular basis.
    Solid State Q-Switched UV Laser
  • Laser processing glass wine bottle
    Laser processing glass wine bottle, choose RFH uv dpss laser 355nm
    Nowadays, many wine products are packaged in glass. In addition to showing the color and texture of the wine and giving consumers an intuitive experience, glass materials can also be recycled efficiently and have new breakthroughs in marking. It is more advanced and prominent than other materials.   RFH uv dpss laser 355nm is a powerful tool for glass wine bottle marking for the following reasons:
    Laser processing glass wine bottle
  • 5w Pulsed UV laser sources marking
    RFH 5w Pulsed UV laser sources marking sports shoes LOGO
    After marking with RFH 5w Pulsed UV laser sources, the customer's shoe logo has more space to display. He told RFH that compared with the traditional ink marking process, RFH Pulsed UV laser sources have high marking accuracy, fast speed, and simple operation. It is necessary to set up a computer program to quickly mark the required logos in batches.
    5w Pulsed UV laser sources marking
  •  large format marking
    355nm high power UV laser souce for large format marking
    Different from ordinary large-format lasers for marking, RFH high-power UV lasers also meet the requirements and needs of large-format marking despite their small size.
     large format marking
  • SLA 3D curing printing
    SLA 3D curing printing, depending on RFH 10W ultraviolet laser technology
    Last week, customers who operated 3D three -dimensional objects came to RFH to order a 10W ultraviolet second -second laser. Today, let's talk about how to make markers on 3D objects.
    SLA 3D curing printing
  • laser marking silicone
    RFH 5w UV laser marking silicone material, clear and non-fading
    Silicone has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, long life, environmental protection and non-toxicity. Laser marking has created more possibilities for the surface shape of silicone. Today, RFH will briefly introduce laser marking silicone with a 5w ultraviolet laser as an example.
    laser marking silicone
  • laser marking charger adapter
    355nm ultraviolet UV laser module marking charger adapter on surface
    The printing of electronic products, such as charging adapters, is mainly to mark some logos, QR codes, production dates and other information on the surface. The silk screen printing process used in the past, the finished product is relatively clear and beautiful, but with the increase of use time, the above information will gradually disappear - the silk screen paint is worn away. Surely this is not enough? As a result, a better process came out. That is laser marking technology.
    laser marking charger adapter
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