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355nm uv laser engraves clear characters on the keyboard and the mouse

Jan 20 , 2021

Why RFH UV laser is often used in laser marking plastic button switch?

RFH UV laser featuring cold processing for marking plastic button on keyboard


More and more manufacturers choose UV laser marking machine to create pattern and characters on the plastic button switch. The focal spot of UV laser is pretty small with little heat transfer to surrounding material, so UV laser is also called “cold light source”. Because of this feature, heat effect won’t occur. Thus, distorting or burning of materials is no longer an issue. 

uv laser

Professional UV laser manufacturer - Shenzhen RFH Laser Technology Co.,Ltd 


With 13 years of experience, the S9 series nanosecond UV laser developed and produced by RFH can engrave clear characters on the keyboard and the mouse. These kinds of characters can not only help people identify different buttons in the dark but also last long, for there are slightly protruding part on the buttons. This improves the durability and practicability of the keyboard and the mouse. 


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