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355nm UV laser strikes black on white plastic, unchangeable

Jun 16 , 2021

355nm UV laser strikes black on white plastic, unchangeable


Plastic switches can be seen everywhere in our lives, whether it is access locks, doorbells, lights, exhaust fans, unknowingly this little thing has become one of the indispensable furniture items in human society.

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Although the switch is small, it is distributed in every corner of the house. Different locations or styles will enhance the comfort, layout and decoration of the entire home. In particular, some home appliances and lighting are more and the switches are all put together. It is inconvenient to always turn on each one to determine what the switch corresponds to. Therefore, switches with laser markings are more popular in the market.


Ultraviolet laser has a fine spot, high precision and low thermal influence. It is especially suitable for making fine and fast markings on plastic switches. Secondly, the ultraviolet laser marking has the characteristics of not easy to wear, unchangeable, and no harmful gas. It can clearly display the product specifications, standard certification and other information on the plastic switch, which makes up for the shortcomings of the silk screen easy to fall off and not environmentally friendly.

Based on 13 years of solid-state laser research and development experience, RFH has newly launched the S9 series of pulsed ultraviolet solid-state lasers for plastic marking fields, which are smaller in size, more refined in design, and more stable in light output. The small and exquisite design means that the user of the marking machine does not need to make a large optical path, which can greatly reduce the cost, save space, and be lightly installed in the field of flying marking equipment. The S9 ultraviolet laser is not only compact, but also has a more stable cavity structure and stronger scalability than similar products. The same cavity can generate lasers of multiple powers, and the stability of different power ranges is greatly improved.


"Small size", "±0.02mm high precision", "high power stability", and "high cost performance" are the core advantages of RFH S9 UV lasers.


To be able to forge such high-quality products, let's approach RFH together.


The reason why the service life of RFH S9 UV laser is better than that of peers


From procurement-pre-production quality inspection control-rigorous assembly process-finished product testing-warehousing quality inspection-pre-delivery inspection-after-sales service, each level is checked to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters. This is the reason why the service life of RFH brand lasers is better than that of peers


S9 UV laser is produced in a dust-free workshop

The clean production environment ensures that all electronic components are produced dust-free and free from pollution.


A team of professors at home and abroad independently researched and developed a special power supply control system for S9 UV lasers. The power supply and the laser have a one-to-one correspondence. The stability of the power supply control system determines whether the laser can maximize its performance during operation. RFH has the advantages of independent research and development of power supply technology, which can update the function modules of the power control system in time, and improve the function modules according to the needs of the laser. 13 years of R&D technology accumulation, domestic and foreign professors, doctoral level R&D team. This is a solid backing for the stable operation of RFH's entire laser system.

 Power supply + laser head + cooling system, complete system sales From the user's point of view, RFH has launched a complete laser system sales plan to ensure the stability of the entire laser system and its best performance


 The S9 ultraviolet laser adopts a fully digital display, supports communication with a computer, and can remotely monitor the laser. The integrated compact design facilitates equipment integration.


13 years of hard work, RFH research and development, each laser product produced can maintain consistent stable quality, constant beam quality, efficient power consumption under extreme industrial and scientific research conditions, with the best cost performance and high reliability. It has won high recognition and a good reputation from users in all walks of life at home and abroad.

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