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Nanosecond solid-state laser 0.02mm high precision engraving ceramic LOGO text pattern

Jun 02 , 2021

Ultraviolet solid-state laser engraves the LOGO text on the ceramic surface, high-definition and delicate

Nanosecond solid-state laser 0.02mm high precision engraving ceramic LOGO text pattern

Jiangsu customer purchases S9 UV solid-state laser for LOGO text engraving on ceramic surface


Since ceramics were first fired and invented thousands of years ago, they are still loved by the masses. Its bright colors, firmness and practicality, and high temperature resistance make it well received in the market. Whether it's dishes, pots or shovel, engraving on ceramics has become the norm. RFH brand UV solid-state lasers are used in ceramic marking and lettering, which can leave clear text and images on hard ceramics. Regardless of whether the ceramics are smooth or frosted, monochrome or colorful, the engraved text and images can be guaranteed to the greatest extent possible, and they will not be blurred or disappeared even after long-term use. Moreover, the use of laser marking and engraving will not affect the use and decoration of ceramics in daily life.

uv laser

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Ultraviolet laser is a cold light source. The thermal effect is particularly small during laser cutting or marking. It has a narrow pulse width and higher peak power. It is easy to break through their damage to materials with higher breaking thresholds such as ceramics and sapphire. Threshold, so it is suitable for processing high polymer materials that require high damage threshold.

On Monday, Mr. Li from Jiangsu placed an order for the S9 ultraviolet solid-state laser to be used for LOGO text engraving on ceramic surfaces.


"Small size", "±0.02mm high precision", "high power stability", and "high cost performance" are the core advantages of RFH S9 UV lasers.


RFH's latest S9 series ultraviolet laser has high efficiency and stable laser output, while still maintaining a small size and fast operation. It is a laser that is very suitable for ceramic processing.


The laser light source is stable at a wavelength of 354.7nm, with a wide range of repetition frequency (single pulse to 200kHz); the power range is optional from 3.0w to 10.0w, and it is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges, with high-quality beam quality (M²<1.2 ), the pulse width is <12ns@30k, and the heat-affected area is very small during engraving.


At the same time, the laser is also equipped with unique Q-switching control technology, supports communication with the computer, and can control the laser externally through RS232, which greatly reduces the cost of hands-on, convenient operation, small size, easy installation, and all-round ceramic carving needs.


High-quality UV lasers, look for the RFH brand.


All S9 UV laser products are produced strictly in accordance with the "Quality Management System" regulations

From procurement-pre-production quality inspection control-rigorous assembly process-finished product testing-warehousing quality inspection-pre-delivery inspection-after-sales service, each level is checked to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters. This is the reason why the service life of RFH brand lasers is better than that of peers


S9 UV laser is produced in a dust-free workshop

The clean production environment ensures that all electronic components are produced without dust and pollution.


A team of professors at home and abroad independently researched and developed a special power supply control system for S9 UV lasers. The power supply and the laser have a one-to-one correspondence. The stability of the power supply control system determines whether the laser can maximize its performance during operation. RFH has the advantages of independent research and development of power supply technology, which can update the function modules of the power control system in time, and improve the function modules according to the needs of the laser. 13 years of R&D technology accumulation, domestic and foreign professors, doctoral level R&D team. This is a solid backing for the stable operation of RFH's entire laser system.

 Power supply + laser head + cooling system, complete system sales From the user's point of view, RFH has launched a complete laser system sales program to ensure the stability of the entire laser system and its best performance.

The S9 ultraviolet laser adopts a fully digital display, supports communication with a computer, and can remotely monitor the laser. The integrated compact design facilitates equipment integration.

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