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FPC circuit board customers satisfied with UV laser cutting no burr

Apr 07 , 2021


FPC circuit board customers satisfied with UV laser cutting no burr

High power UV laser high precision cutting flexible PCB, FPC board



Ultraviolet laser light source, the precision focusing spot is very small, and the processing heat-affected zone is small. It will not produce thermal effect, will not produce material burning problem, so it is widely used in FPC processing.


Yesterday, I received a customer from Shandong, consulting Expert III 355 series high-power UV laser. In the process of communication with the customer, the customer pays great attention to the problem of whether it will produce burr or not.


In order to solve the problem of FPC / PCB burr, RFH studying for 13 years, the 15W high-power UV laser developed and produced by foreign professors and doctoral team has the characteristics of small thermal effect, ± 0.02mm high precision and high power stability. In PCB circuit board during cutting, punching, carving processing, can effectively avoid the burrs, and incision neatly smooth, no burr, no dust or particles exist, therefore it is widely used in the PCB, FPC circuit board processing industry .


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