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IC package marking customers say that RFH S9 UV laser spot is ultra-fine

Mar 08 , 2021


IC package marking customers say that RFH S9 UV laser spot is ultra-fine

S9 UV laser marking effect is more stable than ink printing


Josh, from the United Kingdom, purchased a batch of S9 UV lasers from RFH for IC package marking in October last year.


At the beginning of this month, during our after-sales return visit, Josh said that the RFH S9 ultraviolet laser has a very fine spot, and the marking effect is not easy to wear and fall off. It is several grades higher than ink jet coding, and the marking characters are clear and beautiful. It will not hurt the functional attributes of the package, can help him realize mass production quickly, and be compatible with products of different specifications. In a word, all words are favorable comment! !

RFH 13 years of craftsmanship forged S9 UV laser has a high precision of ±0.02mm,which makes the beam quality higher, the performance better, and is helpful precision processing; and it has high power stability, high efficiency and repetition frequency, more stable power, and longer life; it provides strong power with continuous processing, such a model equipment has both beauty and practical function, you deserve it!

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