10W-15W uv laser

Old customers buy UV laser again for carving mobile phone shell logo

Jun 16 , 2021

Old customers buy UV laser again for carving mobile phone shell logo.


In the manufacturing of these mobile phones, most of the links need to use laser marking technology. Especially in recent years, the popularization of UV laser processing technology has promoted the development of smart phone manufacturing technology. The code engraved on PCB circuit board and the logo of mobile phone shell are closely related to UV laser technology.

Zhang manager operates a company that processes mobile phone shell on behalf of him.  And he bought a batch of RFH UV laser, which is specially used to carve mobile phone shell logo.

"Small size", "high precision of ±0.02mm", "high power stability" and "high cost performance" are the core advantages of RFH  UV laser.

The 3w-10w UV semiconductor pumped Pulsed solid-state laser of RFH laser is a common equipment in the automatic marking and processing line of smart phones.

uv laser

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