10W-15W uv laser
  • Ultraviolet laser peeling paint
    Ultraviolet laser peeling paint on the keyboard with high-definition
    Ultraviolet laser peeling paint on the keyboard with high-definition   Mark keyboard symbols, RFH UV laser marking effect is more refined    RFH 355nm UV laser non-contact marking keyboard, fine, no consumables   As one of the common office equipment, computers play a very important role in daily office activities. The input and printing of text, the production of forms, the statistics of data, and the collection and sorting of information can all be completed on the computer. The advent of computers has changed the secretary’s past paper basket style of work, and greatly improved the secretary’s work efficiency. The keyboard is the input device of the computer. Through the keyboard, English letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. can be input into the computer, and people's work can be displayed on the computer screen.
    Ultraviolet laser peeling paint

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