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Plastic switch marking company once again returned to buy RFH 3W5W laser

Mar 18 , 2021


Plastic switch marking company once again returned to buy RFH 3W5W laser

The text pattern on the switch panel can be specially engraved by a UV laser.


The switch panel currently used in smart homes can not only control the turning on and off of various lights and electrical appliances in the home, but also adjust the functions of different modes in the house, such as wake-up mode, sleeping mode, and so on. In addition, the smart home switch can also control the atmosphere in the room, allowing people to experience the atmosphere of KTV and movie theaters at home. At present, the RFH 3W5W laser is used to engrave the required text and patterns on the switch according to the needs. It is not only clear and tidy, but also can clearly engrave the smaller English letters, which fully meets the needs of various switches. In addition, the engraving with this laser can be traceless and the surface is smooth, and it is difficult to be erased after the repeated use, so that the long-term use of the switch is guaranteed.


So, the purchasing manager Zheng from a plastic switch manufacturer in Shenzhen once again returned to buy RFH 3W5W laser.

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