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RFH 35W High -power green laser mark black on the metal surface

Jan 13 , 2023

RFH 35W High -power green laser mark black on the metal surface

Metals are important materials for human manufacturing. There are metals everywhere in life, and human beings are inseparable from metal manufacturing. Metals generally have a certain hardness, which is difficult to leave traces on the surface. The method of ink injection is not suitable for all metals, and the risk of being easily wiped off. If there is a technology that can be blackened permanently on the metal surface, it will greatly change the pattern of hacking the metal surface.


RFH high -power green light laser is such a product. In order to break through the hardness of the metal, it leaves a more indelible black trace on the metal surface. RFH research and improved the green light laser, which gives it higher power so that it can be easier to be easier Break through the surface of the metal and radiate ultra -high energy beams that can hit the high -hardness metal.

High -power green light laser is very fast, and higher power allows it to leave a flat, special graphic on the metal surface, and has a certain anti -counterfeiting effect. In addition, the RFH green light laser is equipped with a domestic stabilizer. The graphic labeled is very stable. The error in the mass production process will not exceed 0.2mm, which is fully in line with the current black market requirements.


All the technical support provided by RFH has also given many manufacturers' thumbs up. The simple and easy -to -learn operation reduces the cost of artificial technology, and at the same time increase the production technology level, so that more workers are willing to master a new technology.


RFH has always been active in the forefront of metal blackening, making great contributions to domestic metal surface blackening technology, promoted the further expansion of the metal black market, gradually eliminated traditional technologies, and continued to improve the quality of metal products.

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