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Strive Harder, Gain Better---RFH Laser Appearing at the Nanshan District Yuehai Street High-Quality Development Conference

Mar 08 , 2023

Strive Harder, Gain Better---RFH Laser Appearing at the Nanshan District Yuehai Street High-Quality Development Conference


On March 2, Shenzhen Nanshan District Yuehai Street High-Quality Development Promotion Conference was held in Gemdale Viseen Center, and Yuehai Street released the "1+5+2" plan, blowing the charge of high-quality development in a comprehensive manner. As a technology enterprise in the Yuehai Street, RFH Laser presented its "hardcore" products in the exhibition area of the conference and received great attention.


Play the marching song of high-quality development 


Yuehai Street is the most wonderful and vivid footnote of Shenzhen's high-quality development, with the total economic volume accounting for half of Nanshan District. Up to now, Yuehai Street has 3,138 enterprises above the scale, 101 listed companies and 320 specialized and new enterprises, forming a vigorous development situation in which "head enterprises" are leading, new enterprises are blossoming, and small and medium-sized enterprises are sprouting.


Enterprises are the cornerstone of high-quality development, and entrepreneurs are the driving force of high-quality development, so let's paint a new picture of high-quality development in Nanshan  District with trillions economic volume together. At the scene, Zhong Hai Rui, the secretary of the Party and Work Committee of Yuehai Street, released the "1+5+2" plan, which aims to transform the seeds sown in spring into the fruitful results of high-quality development.


"Hardcore" products appearing on the scene


On that day, a number of high-end and high-tech enterprises gathered at the scene, forming the square of central state-owned enterprises and head enterprises, square of unicorns and specialized special new "small giant" enterprises, the first store square, venture capital financial square, the relevant units in the district square, industrial park square, business association square, etc. 


Attendees have walked into the display area of Yuehai Street technology enterprises around the venue to communicate and seek cooperation.” Nanosecond ultraviolet laser S9-355 series, high-power ultraviolet laser ExpertⅢ 355 series and other "hard-core" products on RFH Laser display, have attracted attentions of a lot of leaders and enterprise for experience and cooperation negotiations.



Mr. Zheng Peiheng, the person in charge of RFH Laser, said: "As the innovation highland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area, Nanshan District is known as 'China's Silicon Valley' for its excellent innovation endowment. Innovation and entrepreneurship is always with a long and rough road to walk through, it is the Nanshan District that gave the company the soil for development. Reviewing RFH Laser company’s 16 years in the laser industry, thanks to the good business environment and high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship ecology by the Nanshan District.



Strive Harder, Gain Better


In 2023, RFH Laser continues to advance its enterprise upgrades, the company's technical force, research and development capabilities and management capabilities continue to progress, based on industrial-grade high-end solid-state laser manufacturing field, technology innovation-driven, deep customer value, to achieve high-quality development.

During RFH Laser continuous development of more than a decade, many of my colleagues and partners dedicated their best years of youth to this land. In the future development, all staff of RFH Laser will continue to run hard towards the dream of " industry-leading industrial high-end solid-state laser enterprise"!


In the future, we believe that RFH Laser constinuously adheres to the corporate values of "integrity and pragmatism, professionalism and innovation", sticks to the direction of "specialization ", optimizes and integrates the industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain, rides the waves in the blue sea of laser industry, creates good results, and grows into a high-quality development enterprise of laser technology that benefits China and faces the world.

Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, yet with firm strides we are crossing its summit.

About the high-quality development of RFH Laser, the time has come and the trend has been formed.

Let's work hard together and spare no effort to win the future together!


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