10W-15W uv laser

The partner of PCB circuit board marking, cutting and drilling-UV laser

Apr 14 , 2021

The partner of PCB circuit board marking, cutting and drilling-UV laser

 uv laser


Mr. Zhou is the purchasing manager of a PCB and FPC flexible circuit board manufacturer in Shenzhen. It happened that the headquarters of RFH was also in Shenzhen, so Mr. Zhou came directly to learn about the actual samples of RFH UV laser cutting on PCB and FPC circuit boards.


I took Mr. Zhou to visit the dust-free production workshop of RFH UV laser and introduced RFH's quality management system. I also introduced the laser dedicated power control system which independently developed by RFH.


Customers are very satisfied with the technical capability of RFH's independent research and development of laser dedicated power supply control system, and nod frequently.


Later, we came to RFH's proofing workshop to experience RFH's marking effects on 3C circuit boards, plastic packaging bags, and glasses with practical cases.


Mr. Zhou, was very satisfied with the results of RFH's on-site proofing, and selected some PCB\FCB samples to take away.

According to customer requirements, I recommend RFH UV laser.


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