10W-15W uv laser

UV laser has good performance and high beam quality

Mar 25 , 2021

UV laser has good performance and high beam quality


As a kind of cold processing, solid-state ultraviolet lasers can achieve unparalleled ultra-fine micromachining because of their powerful output of energy and high peak power.


Because its durable and cost-effective excellent features and it can be applied to various materials, these advantages make the solid-state ultraviolet lasers more maneuverable and it has a prominent market share.


The solid-state ultraviolet laser has a shorter wavelength and a smaller spot, which can act on fairly fine objects. And this technical processing capability is more suitable for today's increasingly sophisticated and integrated 3C products. No matter the product shell, PCB panel or labeling can be processed by solid-state ultraviolet laser, solid-state ultraviolet laser technology can truly guarantee the competitiveness of 3C products!

 uv laser

The breakthrough and development of technology is to better improve industrial production. RFH Laser's newly launched S9 series is an excellent solid-state ultraviolet laser, which not only maintains the good performance of RFH series lasers, but also has high beam quality, efficiency and high pulse repetition frequency, stable power, long life and so on, and makes breakthrough improvements in volume and innovation.

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