10W-15W uv laser

UV laser is used in FPC QR code laser marking and scratch line width marking

Feb 07 , 2021

Using UV laser, FPC drilling, engraving and cutting becomes so easy!

High power UV laser is applicable to engrave on FPC precisely


In the past, FPC can easily be scrapped or be fed supplement on using traditional production technique to do the drilling, engraving and cutting job. In order to deal with these kinds of issues, RFH UV laser is created. 


The 355nm UV laser produced and developed by RFH is commonly used in FPC QR code laser marking and scratch line width marking. Generally, the rating of the QR code could reach A+ and for batch production, the rating could be A or A-.With excellent reliability and superior product quality, 355nm UV laser is often used to match the demanding PCB QR code laser marking machine. 

 uv laser FPC

With 13 years of experience together with the knowledge of top professional team, RFH developed and produced 15W high power UV laser which features little heat transfer to surrounding material, high precision of ±0.002mm and high stability. Using this UV laser to do the cutting, drilling and engraving job on PCB and FPC could effectively prevent the generation of burr and ensure the smooth and clean cutting edges. That’s why it is so popular in PCB and FPC processing. 



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