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UV laser marking date on food packaging can make us enjoy at ease

Mar 12 , 2021

UV laser marking date on food packaging can make us enjoy at ease


The RFH S9 series 355 ultraviolet solid-state laser, built by professors and doctoral-level teams at home and abroad for 13 years, has no carbonization, scorching, and deformation during the marking and writing process of food packaging.


RFH UV laser has three outstanding characteristics: fast speed, high precision and high stability. This type of laser etching technology can play an important role in the identification of authenticity of signs.


The 355nm ultraviolet laser has a small focus spot and a very small processing heat-affected zone. There is almost no damage caused by heat, so it is called a cold light source. Because of the very small heat-affected area of the UV laser, it will not appear thermal effect, and the problem of deformation or scorching of processed food packaging materials is avoided.

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