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UV laser marking machine manufacturers buy UV lasers for drilling wafer

Mar 04 , 2021

UV laser marking machine manufacturers buy UV lasers for wafer micro-hole and blind hole processing


Wafer-scribing cutting and marking process are complicated. Ordinary cutting and marking technology can not meet the scribing process of wafer, micro-holes and blind hole processing, but RFH UV laser can easily do the work.


RFH's UV laser can solve all the problems of scribing, cutting and marking on the wafer at one time, and can absolutely guarantee the accuracy of dots during scribing and the smoothness of the cutting board. At the same time, RFH's UV laser can clearly etch text or patterns on silicon wafers during marking.


Yesterday, the UV laser marking machine manufacturer that just signed a contract with RFH Company purchased the 3W5W UV laser S9 series which had been mainly used for wafer micro hole and blind hole processing and marking.

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