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Vietnamese customers have purchased 35W green laser inner engraving glass

Mar 01 , 2021

Vietnamese customers have purchased RFH 35W green laser inner engraving glass

Laser 3D internal carving glass is a special glass process, in which you can write and engrave 3D patterns in transparent glass. Using RFH's green laser for 3D internal engraving is to use a laser beam to engrave inside the glass without dust and volatile substances, and its safety is guaranteed; moreover, using RFH green laser for internal engraving glass without consumables, does not produce any pollution to the environment.


The use of RFH green laser for glass 3D internal engraving production is easier to achieve standardized, digital, and networked production. Moreover, RFH green laser supports communication with a computer, and can control the laser through RS232 externally to implement remote monitoring and operation. The overall cost is low.


Anna, from Vietnam, the green laser purchased this time is used for glass 3D internal carving.

green laser

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