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Why will the power of 3W uv laser down to 1.5W when marking PET film

Jun 16 , 2021

Why will the power of 3W uv laser down to 1.5W when marking PET film

Marking the production date, bar code, QR code on PET film marking, choose UV laser


To mark the production date, code, QR code and other information on the PET film, the non-ultraviolet laser is none other than the UV laser. Ultraviolet laser is a cold light source, and the thermal effect is particularly small during laser cutting or marking, and it is more suitable for surface processing of PET film that is more sensitive to thermal effects. Ultraviolet laser marking speed is very fast, the beam can move at high speed up to 5-7 meters/second, and the output beam quality is high, the performance is stable, and it can accurately engrave clear and beautiful characters and patterns on PET materials.

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Mr. Zhou, comes from a PET film processing material manufacturer in Shenzhen. This time, it is necessary to purchase a batch of 3W ultraviolet lasers for marking the date on the PET film. Mr. Zhou said that he had used a certain brand of UV laser on the market before, but it did not take long after it was put into use, and the power was attenuated. The 3W power of the laser dropped to 1.5W, which seriously affected the production schedule and caused a headache. While hesitating, I heard from my colleagues that RFH UV laser has a good reputation in the industry and high power stability, and purchase 5 units of UV laser without hesitation.

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