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355nm ultraviolet laser overcome the difficulty in keyboard paint

Jul 27 , 2021

355nm ultraviolet laser overcome the difficulty in keyboard paint


The keyboard manufacturer from Italy frequently sent perfect samples and praising messages to RFH after ordering RFH UV laser. I still remember that this manufacturer came to RFH for inspection with huge doubts. The old technology that was difficult to keep up with the production schedule needed to be completely replaced. The new keyboard marking technology confused him, but fortunately, RFH helped him to overcome the difficulty in the end.


RFH laser UV laser beam quality is superior, it is absolutely guaranteed at different frequencies, and can run stably for 24 hours, and it needn’t to replace the ink cartridge like the ink marking technology in the past. In addition, the obtained keyboard can be used for a long time without being worn leading to the words or patterns disappearing. This is due to the high-quality light spot that the ultraviolet laser mainly relies on, and the 15 years of hard work of the entire scientific research team.



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