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355nm UV laser marks alex electronic cigarette to improve the effect of anti-counterfeiting

Jun 16 , 2021

355nm UV laser marks alex electronic cigarette to improve the effect of anti-counterfeiting 

The brand image and words that need to be marked on the e-cigarette shell are an important part of highlighting the quality of e-cigarettes. The past ink-jet coding technology is no longer suitable for marking the surface of e-cigarettes. More manufacturers have begun to choose RFH UV laser marking technology.


The brand logo of alex e-cigarette is directly marked with RFH UV laser. The visual effect of UV coding is better, and the anti-counterfeiting effect far exceeds the previous technology.


Marking image and words with RFH UV laser can clearly display words and pictures on the surface of electronic cigarettes, remind consumers with eye-catching colors and clear marking marks, and will not be rubbed after long-term use and it is also a detail that highlights the quality in the production of e-cigarettes, and wins the consumers trust of the brand.

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