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35W high power green laser inner engraving 3d Photo Crystal Cube

Aug 05 , 2021

35W high power green laser inner engraving 3d Photo Crystal Cube


Inner carving technology is a technology that has been expanded and developed on the assembly line in recent years. It is usually used in the production and production of glass crafts. A good inner carving crafts pursues accuracy and beauty. So what is the advanced technology of the inner carving assembly line? The answer lies in RFH production workshop.


On this day, a glass interior engraving manufacturer from Israel came to RFH headquarters to check and accept the two RFH green lasers that had been ordered, and inspected RFH production environment and corporate culture for further cooperation in the future.


RFH's production workshop adopts a dust-free workshop design, which has achieved the ultimate in safety, professionalism and environmental protection, which shows that RFH values production.



The two 35W green lasers accepted by this customer can smoothly and quickly cut the planned circuit during the inspection and complete the glass engraving process, even if the process requires a precision of up to 0.02mm.

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