10W-15W uv laser

3W 5W ultraviolet laser replace the old packaging bag marking production line

Aug 03 , 2021

3W 5W ultraviolet laser  replace the old packaging bag marking production line



Sehti from Russia is a production person in charge of a food factory. He came to RFH for on-site inspection, hoping to find a new technology to replace the traditional ink printing technology to replace the old packaging bag marking production line.


RFH ultraviolet laser is a machine that uses ultraviolet light spot to scribe the surface of the material to achieve the purpose of marking. Its high marking speed and high marking quality are new technologies that can replace traditional technologies. Food plastic bags marked by UV lasers first have a great advantage in anti-friction. Because of their laser marking characteristics, they can achieve indelible characteristics and prevent the risk of counterfeiting brands.



Secondly, the UV laser marker is no consumables, no ink splashes, and no smoke pollution. It ensures absolute safety and green in the food production line, and is a marking tool that can pass the food production environmental standards. In addition, the UV laser is simple to use, has a small footprint, and is a ideal machine that has a long-term return on the cost of a small investment.

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