10W-15W uv laser

532 green laser engraving glass without color changes

Jul 09 , 2021

532 green laser engraving glass without color changes


Glass is more and more widely used in our lives. Whether it is optical glass, ordinary glass or glass craftsmanship, it is inseparable from punching and cutting technology.


Nowadays, glass laser cutting technology is applied in various fields such as electronic products, automotive glass, craft products, etc. Marking machine manufacturers from Suzhou are trying to introduce a RFH expert III 532 green laser to help punch and cut. , Once again came to RFH for more in-depth cooperation, hoping to completely replace the traditional technology on the production line.



During the one month of using RFH Green Laser, the manufacturer shared his experience with the sales manager many times, and sent the finished samples to seek improvement. What I felt from this was the customers appreciation of RFH trust and satisfaction. RFH Green Laser has the characteristics of high stability, high precision, low cost, no consumables, environmental protection and green. It guarantees the punching and cutting accuracy of glass products in dust-free production, which far exceeds the previous technology in all aspects.

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