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Australian customer purchases RFH 532nm green laser marking glass

Feb 23 , 2021

Australian customer purchases RFH 532nm green laser marking glass

RFH 18W green laser non-contact marking glass beer mug


RFH Green Laser adopts the method of non-contact marking of glass beer mugs, because it will not produce metallic taste and peculiar smell, it does not affect the taste and texture of drinking beer.


A clean glass can show the color, foam’s texture and thickness of beer, so clear and clean marking is very important. For example, marking on glass with CO2 or fiber lasers lacks precision and clarity, and the printed logo may cause unclear logo or ghosting.


The RFH green laser has a wavelength of 532nm, which has little thermal influence. When marking glass, there will not be no unclear and fuzzy. The effect of high-precision marking visual result as important as taste buds and its aroma when customers drink beer.


Jared Bergman, from Australia, used RFH green laser mainly for marking glass beer mugs.

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