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RFH 35W green laser high-definition marking Japanese glass cup

Feb 19 , 2021

RFH 35W green laser high stability marking glass

RFH 35W green laser high-definition marking Japanese glass cup

Laser marking glass should select RFH Green Laser.


Many glass cups require engraving and logos, and laser marking technology is needed at this time. The use of RFH green laser for marking can first of all ensure that the beauty of the cup is not damaged, While the scale and logo are easily erased or not high-definition by ink-jet printing, and it is more likely to damage the integrity of the cup and seriously affect the aesthetics of the cup.

 green laser

But using RFH Green Laser for marking will not make such mistakes. Secondly, the use of RFH Green Laser for marking can ensure the safety of the cup after marking.


Jack, a Japanese customer, saw that his colleagues were using the RFH laser, so he searched for it directly.


Jack has currently consulted this Excellent Ⅱ 532nm series water-cooled green diode pumped pulsed solid-state laser with a power range of 18W to 35W, which is mainly used for marking on glass.


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