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RFH UV laser marking leather is different!

Dec 14 , 2023

RFH UV laser marking leather is different!


Leather is a widely used material and is also synonymous with high-end. It is often used to make clothing, shoes and hats, bags, furniture and other products. Leather has the characteristics of soft texture, durability, and beauty. Leather marking is to engrave text and patterns on the surface of the leather, which is not only personalized but also promotes the brand.




There are many methods for leather marking. The first thing that comes to mind is traditional processes such as hot stamping, embossing, and inkjet. However, these methods have some shortcomings, such as unclear effects, easy fading, and easy damage to leather.




To solve these problems, RFH uses a new leather marking method - UV laser marking.





Ultraviolet laser marking uses high-energy-density ultraviolet laser to locally irradiate the leather surface, causing it to vaporize or undergo a photochemical reaction of color change, thereby forming a permanent mark. UV laser marking has the following advantages:




- With high precision, laser can easily achieve micron-level marking effects. The fineness of patterns or text is difficult to achieve with traditional processes.




- Fast, the marking process only takes a few seconds, and the production efficiency is very high.




- Thermal impact is small. UV laser is cold light and will not damage the texture and color of the leather, nor will it produce pollution or odor.




- It has a wide range of applications and can be marked on various colors and types of leather, including artificial leather, PU leather, PVC leather, etc.




In order to understand the effect of UV laser marking more intuitively, we take a leather mobile phone case as an example to see the charm of RFH UV laser marking.




A leather phone case is a stylish and practical product that not only protects your phone from scratches and drops, but also showcases your personal taste and style.




If you want to personalize a plain phone case or promote your brand, you can choose RFH UV laser to mark it with the desired text or pattern, such as a name or logo. In this way, you can have a high-end customized experience without high costs.




The effect of using RFH UV laser to mark leather mobile phone cases is very clear. Whether black and white or colored leather mobile phone cases, it can display delicate and distinctive patterns and text.




Moreover, since UV laser marking has almost no heat-affected zone, it will not affect the feel and color of the leather phone case. More importantly, UV laser marking is a permanent marking method that will not fade or fall off due to time or environment.




In addition, RFH UV laser can not only mark leather mobile phone cases, but also mark other leather products, such as wallets, belts, leather shoes, etc. Of course, in addition to leather, these materials can also be easily marked by laser, such as: plastics , metal, glass, PVC, etc.




RFH has many years of laser marking experience and technology. Our laser products are of excellent quality, stable performance and long life. We are a partner of many well-known brands at home and abroad. RFH UV laser is an industrial-grade all-solid-state solid-state laser with the characteristics of high power, high precision, high stability and long life.



The latest product of RFH UV laser is the F9 series UV laser, which adopts an advanced digital intelligent temperature control system and fault self-diagnosis system, which can realize automatic adjustment and protection functions to ensure the safe and stable operation of the laser. The F9 series UV laser also has the advantages of small size, light weight, high integration, etc., making it easy to install and use.




RFH F9 series UV laser is an innovative product. It provides new possibilities for marking, cutting and other processes, enhances the added value and competitiveness of products, and makes your products unique!

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