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RFH 355nm UV laser precision cutting of gold foil paper

Dec 14 , 2023

RFH 355nm UV laser precision cutting gold foil paper


Gold foil paper is a common decorative material that can often be seen in crafts and gifts because gold foil paper has a metallic luster and texture and looks high-end and elegant.


However, gold foil paper is also a very thin metal material. If it is to be precision cut, an efficient, precise, and non-destructive processing method is required. Traditional physical processing methods are difficult to achieve perfection.


So, is there a relatively perfect method? The answer is yes, it is to use UV laser cutting technology.


The ultraviolet laser cutting shown in the picture is a method of finely processing ultra-thin metal materials such as gold foil paper using high-energy, short-wavelength laser beams generated by ultraviolet lasers. UV laser cutting has the following advantages:



1. UV laser is a cold light source. The heat-affected zone generated during processing is very small, which can minimize problems such as deformation, burns and carbonization of gold foil paper.



2. UV laser has high power density and focusing ability, which can achieve micron-level cutting gaps and precision, and is suitable for cutting complex patterns and micro-holes.



3. Ultraviolet laser has short wavelength and high absorption rate. It is suitable for a variety of metal and non-metal materials and has a wide range of applications.



Using UV laser cutting technology, you can draw on gold foil paper and hollow out various exquisite patterns and text. For example, you can cut birthday greetings, company LOGO, personalized signatures, etc. on gold foil paper and give them to relatives, friends or customers as gifts or souvenirs. Flowers, birds, fish and insects, portraits of people, scenic spots, etc. can also be cut out on gold foil paper for display or collection as works of art or decorations.



In order to obtain efficient and precise cutting results, a UV laser with excellent performance, stability and reliability is needed. RFH recommends the latest F9 series UV laser launched in 2023. This is a water-cooled UV laser with the following characteristics:


- The F9 series UV laser is smaller than the S9 series. RFH optimizes the internal structure to make the optical path more stable. The small and compact design means that users do not need to enlarge the optical path, which can greatly reduce costs, save space, and can be easily installed for flight marking.



- The F9 series UV laser adopts a fully digital intelligent control system, which can realize remote monitoring and fault diagnosis, making it convenient for users to manage and maintain. At the same time, the F9 series UV laser also has functions such as automatic frequency control, automatic power control, and automatic temperature control, which can ensure the stable output of the laser.



- The output wavelength of F9 series UV laser is 355nm, the output power is 3W-5W, and the repetition frequency is 20kHz-200kHz. These parameters can be adjusted according to user needs to adapt to different processing materials and processes.



- The beam quality of the F9 series UV laser is very good, the M2 factor is less than 1.2, and it has a high accuracy of ±0.02mm. This means that the F9 series UV laser can achieve extremely high cutting accuracy and effects, meeting users’ needs for precision cutting of ultra-thin metal materials such as gold foil paper.



The RFH F9 series UV laser is an ultraviolet laser with excellent performance, stability, reliability, high efficiency and accuracy, and wide application. It is an ideal choice for precision cutting of gold foil paper. In addition, RFH, as a global manufacturer of industrial-grade all-solid-state lasers, has also launched a variety of laser products with different characteristics. This is RFH's 16 years of ingenuity and a commitment to new and old customers.

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