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Electronic chip customers buy five UV lasers for the first time

Apr 02 , 2021


Electronic chip customers buy five UV lasers for the first time

Hyperfine marking of electronic components by 355nm UV solid state laser

The UV solid-state laser developed and produced by RFH can clearly engrave bright words and patterns on the IC chip shell in the marking process. Even if it is heated in use, it will not be separated at all. It is a direct choice and an ideal way for small chips to attach words.

Boss Zheng, an electronic chip manufacturer, said that he is the phase in RFH UV laser with compact structure design, superior beam quality, and perfect spot characteristics, what’s more, unique Q-switch control technology, it can meet the control requirements of various laser applications. The inner cavity has a self purification system, which makes the laser long life and stable operation. Therefore, 5 sets will be purchased at one time for use.

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