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Lithium battery manufacturer customers buy 10 355nm UV lasers at one time

Apr 01 , 2021

Lithium battery manufacturer customers buy 10 355nm UV lasers at one time


Lithium batteries are widely used in a series of electronic devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras, and their surface needs to be engraved with clearly visible information and word. The RFH 355 UV laser, jointly created by professors at home and abroad, can engrave the required characters and patterns on the surface of the lithium battery during marking, but it will not damage the important performance of the lithium battery itself. And in the process of using the lithium battery, it may age, and may easily heat up, but it will not make the words and patterns on these markings distorted or blurred.


Recently, Li, a lithium battery manufacturer, purchased 10 RFH 355nm UV lasers specifically for marking the surface of lithium batteries. Mr. Li said that the ink jet coding method has been used before, but it is easy to cause uneven ink, not beautiful enough, deformation of the inner surface, easy to be modified, not environmentally friendly, and frequent replacement of consumables. Therefore, it is now fully switched to UV laser marking mode.

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