10W-15W uv laser

Green laser drilling or cutting glass without yellowing, blackening

Aug 04 , 2021

Green laser drilling or cutting glass without yellowing, blackening 


Glass laser cutting technology is mainly used in 3C electronic products, flat panel displays, utensil manufacturing and other products, and is widely used in products with high demand and stability. The size and quality of the drill hole also determines the quality of the product, so major manufacturers are trying their best to improve the quality of the drill hole.


After 15 years of development and precipitation by the team, RFH green laser can cut glass materials of different strengths, different materials, and different functions to fully meet the design requirements. The green laser focuses the ultra-fine spot to irradiate the surface of the material, and realizes automatic cutting by controlling the position of the spot.


532nm green laser has outstanding advantages in glass: no yellowing or blackening, fine lines, high-definition bright white.


The traditional cutting process is prone to produce smoke and glass debris, but the unique cutting method of the green laser avoids such troubles, making the production environment in a completely green and pollution-free environment.


The glass punching and cutting customers from Germany have repeatedly repurchased the excellent III 532 green laser and praised its powerful effects. They also expressed their admiration and gratitude to RFH for its sincerity and scientific research.

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