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Nanosecond UV laser marks packaging QR code, production date

Jun 16 , 2021

Nanosecond UV laser marks packaging QR code, production date


Mr. Li, from Shandong, has ordered 5 sets of 3W UV lasers for packaging bag marking at the Guangzhou Packaging Exhibition. "±0.02mm high precision", "small size", "high stability", and "high cost performance" all are the core advantages of RFH S9 UV laser, and they are also the reasons why Mr. Li is in favor of RFH UV laser.


The 3W ultraviolet laser designed by RFH has a smaller and more convenient body, higher accuracy and stability, and more scientific and practical products. It is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also highly efficient and energy-saving. It is a prior choice for cost-effective package with large-scale production. Through remote control, you can easily realize coding on various materials: name, trademark, logo, place of origin, production date, batch number, QR code, barcode, etc., which has a very high anti-counterfeiting and anti-crossing effect.

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