10W-15W uv laser
  • Laser Marking Plastic Toothbrush
    RFH 3W 5W 10W UV Laser Marking Plastic Toothbrush, No Carbonization
    People have stricter requirements on it. RFH 3W5W10W UV laser marking toothbrush makes people more at ease and more secure. Whether the source of the toothbrush is normal and whether the production process is normal are issues that consumers are very concerned about. If you want to choose a high-quality UV laser manufacturer, RFH is your best choice.
    Laser Marking Plastic Toothbrush
  • laser drilling glass
    RFH 532nm high power green laser source drilling glass
    The high power green laser source is a drilling device that uses an extremely small spot. The high-quality beam and small spot size enable it to meet the ultra-fine marking requirements of glass products. The high repetition frequency nanosecond green laser of RFH Laser Co., Ltd. , can perform various types of fast finishing on thin glass and tubular glass of various materials. Nanosecond green light glass drilling equipment has been used in the processing of soda lime glass, borosilicate glass, quartz glass and other glass deep processing fields. success case,
    laser drilling glass
  • Laser subsurface engraving glass
    355nm Pulsed UV Solid State Laser module subsurface engraving glass cup
     UV Solid State Laser engraving glass   To meet the market demand, RFH newly developed S9 series UV laser in 2020. Comparing with its kinds, S9 series UV laser features with rugged sealed cavity, extremely compact size, simple and robust, high stability, high efficiency, high reliability and excellent laser beam quality.Its compact design suggests no necessity in building big light path, which greatly reduces space and cost and makes it easy to be installed into UV laser marking machines. In addition, S9 series cavity structure is more stability and more excellent scalability, which means the same laser cavity can be produces multi-power lasers , and the stability of different power ranges is greatly improved
    Laser subsurface engraving glass
  • 3D laser printing
    RFH 3w 5w uv laser source for 3D printing
    RFH 3w 5w uv laser source is a perfect combination of laser technology and 3D printing technology, and has developed a new world in the field of aerospace. RFH 3w 5w uv laser source plays the role of additive manufacturing in 3D printing technology, which can help to quickly manufacture structural and functional parts, and can customize desired parts according to requirements.
    3D laser printing
  • laser marking ceramics
    355 nm ultraviolet laser marking ceramics
    Ultraviolet lasers have the advantages of high stability in the ceramic industry, fast engraving speed, low cost and no consumables, high precision, convenient operation, good effect, strong adaptability, and wide application range. In order to better meet the needs of customers, RFH has been committed to the research and development of laser systems for many years, and has created a 355 nm ultraviolet laser, which is widely used in PE/PCB/FPC cutting, glass, sapphire cutting and high-precision micro-machining. Holes, scribing, cutting and other fields greatly improve the efficiency of stripping and make production more efficient.
    laser marking ceramics
  • UV laser cutting plastic
    5W 10W 355nm UV laser cutting plastic parts
    RFH UV laser cut plastic nozzle is a better choice.   As a leading company in the laser industry, RFH has never stopped digging in laser applications. Facing the problem of plastic parts notch, laser that can be precisely controlled is a better choice.
    UV laser cutting plastic
  • laser 3D subsurface engraving
    green lasers for 3D subsurface engraving
    green-laser-engraving Some photos as a memory carrier are usually engraved inside the crystal and glass cube. The 3d crystal laser engraving machine, although for the 2d image, it can transform it into a 3d model to provide instruction for the laser beam.
    laser 3D subsurface engraving
  • laser 3D subsurface engraving
    green lasers for 3D subsurface engraving
    To make all this work, we need a “green” laser. Like a fiber laser, these are solid state, pulsed lasers but green lasers work at a wavelength of 532nm (nanometers) as compared to a fiber laser with a wavelength of 1062nm (about twice as long as a green laser) or a CO2 with a wavelength of 9.4-10.6µm (micrometers), or 10,600nm, which is substantially longer yet. This illustrates the uniqueness of a green laser compared to the lasers most of us have.  
    laser 3D subsurface engraving
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