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RFH 1064 infrared laser peels paint on keyboard thermos

Dec 15 , 2021

RFH 1064 infrared laser peels paint on keyboard thermos


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The paint peeling process is a process that can coat the surface of the material and is used on keyboards, thermos cups and other products. RFH infrared laser is a high-quality machine that can perform surface paint peeling process. One of the reasons why it is welcomed by many manufacturers is that it has a very outstanding advantage compared with traditional paint peeling process.


Wuhan customer purchased 10W infrared laser to peel paint on keyboard and vacuum flask


On Monday, a customer from Wuhan placed a one-time order to purchase 3 sets of S9-1064 series 10W infrared lasers for use in peeling paint on keyboards and vacuum flasks.

The traditional methods of paint stripping are mostly sandblasting, physical cleaning, chemical corrosion, etc., which more or less produce consumables and pollution, and RFH infrared laser is a green technology. Very friendly.


The paint stripping technique of RFH S9-1064 infrared laser can kill fiber lasers in seconds


Secondly, the traditional paint peeling process is mostly a contact operation. In the process of peeling paint, it will produce mechanical force on the surface of the material and cause some damage to the surface. Infrared laser is a non-contact process that uses a small light spot to perform on the surface of the material. Processing, the thermal effect is almost zero, and there is no damage to the material at all.

In addition, traditional paint stripping technology is difficult to guarantee accuracy and speed at the same time, while RFH infrared lasers can completely avoid the shortcomings of unclear patterns and missing text. The completion accuracy is extremely high, and the paint stripping speed is also very fast, which is very suitable for flying pipelines. use.


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RFH infrared laser


The research and development of RFH infrared lasers has gone through more than ten years, summing up all the experience of using lasers currently obtained by RFH. Therefore, the RFH infrared laser peeling process can be learned and used by so many manufacturers, so it can also be seen that RFH is in Considerable strength in the field of laser technology.

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