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RFH 1064nm infrared laser stripping paint on remote control surface

Mar 18 , 2022

RFH 1064nm infrared laser stripping paint on remote control surface


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We are not unfamiliar with remote controls, whether it is air conditioners, TVs, or even some high-end electric fans now will be equipped with a remote control. The use frequency of the remote control is very high, especially for some frequently used buttons, but it is not difficult to find that the quality of the marking information on the remote control is still uneven.


RFH infrared nanosecond laser peeling paint and marking remote control, high-definition and no deformation


Some remote controls last for a long time, and the handwriting on them is clearly visible. No matter how long it is, you can still know the function of each button when you get this remote control, but some remote controls are already blurred and unrecognizable, which brings some inconvenience to later use. . In fact, this kind of marking technology that is easy to fall is generally traditional printing paint, so it will easily fall off after frequent hand contact, and this kind of marking with better quality is generally completed by laser.



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RFH has an excellent product for marking on remote controls - infrared nanosecond lasers


With many years of experience in laser technology, RFH has an infrared nanosecond laser that is ideal for marking on remote controls.

Manager He from an air conditioner manufacturer told us that marking the remote control is just a seemingly simple process, but if you want to make the handwriting clear and marking fast and accurate, you need to use a laser to mark the plastic remote control first. The paint on the body is peeling off, and at the same time, the relevant information is marked on it.


RFH 10w20w infrared laser quickly and accurately completes the surface peeling of the remote control


This laser from RFH can complete this step in one go, and the marking is clear. There is no obvious difference whether it is a key used with high frequency or a key used infrequently, which is enough to see the maturity and exquisiteness of this technology.


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