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RFH green laser makes many glass kettle marking manufacturers bear in mind constantly

Jul 07 , 2021

RFH green laser makes many glass kettle marking manufacturers bear in mind constantly


RFH Green Laser has received widespread attention in the marking industry due to its short pulse, high beam quality, and high peak power. The green laser first has a small wavelength, which determines that it has a high-quality beam, a small spot, and can achieve the ultra-fine marking requirements of glass products, and small characters can even reach 0.02mm.


Secondly, the green laser marker has fast marking speed and high efficiency. It can be used continuously for 24 hours. It has stable performance and better marking effect while ensuring the accuracy of engraving.


In addition, the most prominent advantage of the green laser is that it has changed the shortcomings of ink markers that require consumables and the marking characters are easily erased in the past. The use of laser marking can permanently leave marks. Based on the above characteristics, the green laser can give full play to its outstanding strengths in the marking of glass kettles, which makes many marking manufacturers love it a lot.



A Qingdao marking machine manufacturer sent back a high evaluation feedback after purchasing the RFH Expert III 532 green laser and putting it into use

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