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RFH nanosecond UV laser mark plastic bottle easily

Jul 22 , 2021

RFH nanosecond UV laser mark plastic bottle easily


In today's society, cosmetics have become a necessity in people's daily life, and the competition of different brands of cosmetics is gradually expanding. With the emergence of this phenomenon, the traditional ink jet printing technology has been unable to meet the demand, and new technology is urgently needed to be found by manufacturers.


Cosmetics manufacturers from Guangdong are looking for a new machine that can replace ink jet printer. This time, he chose RFH, who has been leading the industry in laser technology research and development. RFH UV laser has absorbed the possible defects of inkjet printer, and has stepped onto a new step in all aspects.


First of all, the UV laser uses the laser spot to produce scratches on the bottle body, which has small precision focusing spot, small processing heat effect, no thermal effect and no damage to the material.


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