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The first high-end solid-state laser R&D manufacturers established in China

Jun 28 , 2021

The first high-end solid-state laser R&D manufacturers established in China

In 2007, as one of the first high-end solid-state laser R&D manufacturers established in China, RFH Laser set sail. Always adhere to the original intention of serving the country by the industry, and shoulder the mission of promoting the localization of high-end solid-state laser core technology and products, and changing the situation of domestic laser equipment "without the heart". Focusing on the R&D and production of ultraviolet solid-state lasers and green-light solid-state lasers, the persistence and ingenuity of high-end quality have laid a solid foundation for brand development.


Beginning in 2009, RFH Laser has increased its efforts to deploy technology research and development, and quickly gained recognition and familiarity with the laser market in the 3D printing rapid prototyping industry, and established its position in the industry. In 2014, the company's scale continued to expand, and it has an absolute market share in the laser marking industry in the Pearl River Delta, Chengdu, Hubei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. In 2015, RFH was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise". In 2018, RFH brand nanosecond lasers ranked top three in the country, and an additional production base was established in Huiyang. The company entered a comprehensive, systematic and modern corporate management model.


After 12 years of hard work, development has settled. Benefiting from the overall prosperity of the laser industry and national strategic support, RFH lasers have been able to develop rapidly in the trend wave, and have mastered their own core technology in the field of solid-state lasers, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies, and also owning in the high-end market A place to create a national brand with high-quality international high-end laser R&D and manufacturing capabilities.


In catching up, RFH Laser has forged a top-level laser research and development team composed of many professors and doctors. It has successively obtained more than 10 national patent certificates, more than 20 computer software copyright certificates, and was awarded "National High-tech Enterprise" , "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "Software Enterprise Certification Certificate" and other certificates. The above-mentioned patented technologies and software copyrights have all been applied to the core technology, covering all the company’s products. Each high-end laser product developed and produced has won high recognition and recognition from users in various industries at home and abroad for its excellent cost performance and high reliability. A good reputation.

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At present, the RFH laser research and development product series cover lasers ranging from green to deep ultraviolet. The range of laser pulse energy, average power and repetition frequency can be applied to diversified laser fields. Realize a wide range of laser applications such as 3D printing rapid prototyping, precision marking, precision drilling, precision cutting, laser welding, plastic laser welding, metal laser welding, laser medical treatment, surface removal, wire stripping, internal carving, etc.

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