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Customer has purchased RFH green laser to mark on 3D SLA model

Jun 28 , 2021

Customer has purchased RFH green laser to mark on 3D SLA model

Mr. Chen, a customer from Shenzhen, hoped to find a new technology that can help his model mark without cutting tools and molds. He searched the Internet and learned about RFH Green Laser, and decided to visit the headquarters to discover the true face of the machine.


When he came to RFH headquarters, he had doubts about the machine he saw at first, but soon, the introduction and demonstration by the engineer gave him a satisfied look.


The most important thing is that the green laser can mark characters as small as 0.02mm. There is no need to worry about the accuracy of the use. It can also ensure that it will never be blurred or discolored during daily display and use, and can retain the marking contents . So it makes the production of 3D SLA light curing continuously profitable.


Mr. Chen from Shenzhen, after visiting, purchased RFH Green Laser decisively.

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