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The leader in processing micro-holes and blind hole of silicon wafers -RFH Green Laser

Jun 30 , 2021

The leader in processing micro-holes and blind hole of silicon wafers -RFH Green Laser

Mr. Lin from an integrated circuit company, after learning about the performance of RFH green laser in the processing of micro-holes and blind holes on silicon wafers, drove to RFH for field trips.

Mr. Lin first visited the production workshop of RFH. In the fully protected production workshop, Mr. Lin saw the employees who were wearing neat work clothes and producing carefully and carefully. Every production step was meticulously carried out under their hands.


The laser has the core advantages of 0.02mm high precision, high stability and high cost performance. The cold light source of the green laser makes its power thermally affected area small, high beam quality, fast marking speed, and continuous operation within 24 hours, whether in efficiency or in the quality, it can be described as the best in the industry.


In the end, the customer ordered three green lasers and put them into production. After using them, they often exchanged their experiences during the return visits and praised RFH for its pioneering and attitude.

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