10W-15W uv laser

uv dpss laser scribing copper foil with excellent laser beam quality

Jul 20 , 2021

uv dpss laser  scribing copper foil with excellent laser beam quality




Copper foil is a very thin metal. It plays a very important role in industrial manufacturing. It is an important material of CCL. It makes copper clad laminate play a substrate role in PCB, and participate in the relief of the main board in electronic devices.

How to reduce copper foil cutting errors and reduce processing costs and scrap rate in the cutting process has become a problem that many manufacturers need to consider.


Chile, a leader in copper foil processing in USA, chose RFH for his production line to solve a series of problems encountered in production upgrades.


The principle of RFH UV laser is realized by scanning back and forth with a high-energy beam of galvanometer. UV light is a cold light source, which has little thermal effect on the copper foil itself and will not cause damage to the material itself.

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Secondly, the spot of the ultraviolet laser is small, and the precision in cutting can reach 0.02mm. In addition, the processing gap of the ultraviolet laser is small, the processing speed is fast, and the processing edge is free of carbonization and burrs. Both quality and efficiency have been unanimously recognized in the industry.



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