10W-15W uv laser

UV laser source is used for sub surface laser engraving on plastic

Aug 12 , 2021

UV laser source is used for sub surface laser engraving on plastic


At the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich in 2021, RFH new solid-state laser product series has received great attention, and the newly modified UV laser unveiled in it has gained a lot of plastic marking manufacturers. A series of advantages, such as high precision, higher stability, and smaller size, have caused manufacturers to fall for it.


The newly developed RFH S9 ultraviolet laser series covers a wide range of repetition frequency, which can be better absorbed by the material, and the material will not be destroyed due to the lack of thermal effect. During the exhibition, the exhibitors scrambled to watch RFH marking display. The UV laser moved quickly over the plastic shell, leaving the required words and images along with the movement. The entire process only needed less 1 second.



From this point of view, the UV laser can greatly save time and cost on the assembly line, and is better than any similar products in quality. In addition, the eager exhibitors also tried to get started with the UV laser, and they mastered the basic operation in less than five minutes. This also shows that the UV laser is simple to operate and the cost of the required personnel is greatly reduced.

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